XS Sights: Shorter Name, Same Quality

XS Sights has gone through a few changes in the last year. While some might consider it to be a re-branding, it is more like refreshing the company. XS Sights (Formerly XS Sight Systems) now has a shorter company name, which sums up the changes to the company and shows their new attitude. Their products, however, are not short on quality.

“Our focus over the past year has been to refine our messaging and our core values,” said Jon Pastusek, XS® Sights CEO. “XS® Sights was founded on a simple principle: To create defensive sights that are easy to see in adrenaline-induced, low light situations. No one wants to get in an altercation, but if the situation arises, XS wants the good guy to be able to make a lethal shot as quickly as possible while keeping the sights on target. Responsibility of the bullet doesn’t end when it leaves the barrel; it ends when the bullet stops.”

Now, XS does have some products that are not sights. But for our purposes today, I’m ignoring that. When it comes to the sights, as Pastusek mentioned above, they wanted a simpler concept. Sights that simply work when you need them. Does the company renaming theme affect that at all? Nope. They made a quality product before, and they will continue to do so.

XS sent me these sights several months ago, for review, and as you may have noticed I still have them on the gun. When they sent them to me, they were named “XS Big Dot Tritium Express”. Now, they are the same sights, the same product, with a new, shorter name that fits in line with their new shorter, to the point naming theme.

The installation is simple, the toughest part can be removing the factory sights. I honestly believe that this is why GLOCK uses plastic stock sights. Sights are one of the first things upgraded on any handgun. In every sight kit, XS Sights includes a couple of tools and a vial of red liquid which may not be Loctite, but for all intent and purpose, you use it like Loctite. Then, you wait a day or so for everything to set and cure and you’re ready to go.

Transitioning to the DXT sights can be an issue for some folks, and it took me some time. Shooting at dusk made the transition a lot easier. Remember that these are defensive sights and not target sights. They are not made for shooting targets at fifty yards. But it can still be done. Defensive sights are meant for quick acquisition and use at defensive ranges. For most people, that range is from point blank to maybe ten yards. And at these ranges, the DXT work exactly as intended.

One of the other things I like about the DXT sights, is that on my G19MOS, I can install my JPoint Circle Dot and still use the DXT sights if I need to. The DXT and JPoint do not co-witness, of course. But the JPoint has a rear sight notch built in that works with the DXT front sight pretty well. For anything needing more accuracy, say shooting out beyond shorter defensive ranges, the JPoint is more than suitable. But if for some reason the JPoint fails, having some radioactive irons would come in quite handy.

Now, this is not a cheap setup. Here at NBO, we try to give a more budget minded view of products and ideas, and I have roughly a grand in this gun. But this is my personal gun. It is my home defense pistol, my carry in the woods pistol. That is why it is a GLOCK, that is why I have the JPoint on it. That is also why I have kept the XS DXT sights on it.

I apologize for the quality of the photos here. I took about forty pictures, but apparently, I need a new camera and phone. This is ridiculous. As always any products provided by the companies were provided in exchange for an honest review and nothing more. In this case, the XS DXT sights were provided, and well, they’re still on the gun seven months later.

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