Wood and Resin Shotgun Slugs

Ever wonder how well wooden projectiles would do out of a shotgun? Of course you have. People joke about using a shotshell full of toothpicks on vampires, or loading an entire stake into the gun and such nonsense. And they do not work, because, well… there is no design or actual thought going on. That changes with this experiment by a couple of YouTubers.

Two of my favorite channels on YouTube are Taofledermaus and Shop Time, with Peter Brown. Honestly, I really like both of these channels, they both do some pretty off the wall stuff in their separate genres. Jeff and the folks at Taofledermaus answer the hard questions about abnormal ballistics, such as “Can a cube bullet be accurate?” And Peter asks fun questions like, “Can you make an axe handle from gummi bears?”

So, first, Peter made the slugs. And if you want the best chance for a more fragile material to survive being fired, you really need to start with a guy who knows wood. He made a perfect choice, and he put more effort and work into these slugs than pretty much anybody else on the planet would have. And he did beautiful work.  And he even made resin slugs, because he also does wonderful resin designs and experiments.

And here, we have the results after Peter sent the slugs to Jeff.  Just… watch and be surprised.

Now, if you found that interesting and amusing, feel free to send your own ideas to, well, either of these channels. They both enjoy challenges and love viewer ideas. And you should go subscribe to both of them. And go through their older stuff too. Peter did a great one where he made a peppermill out of peppercorns while at the same time weaponizing sawdust.  And Jeff…. well, Jeff just weaponizes everything.

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