Thoughts On: Rat Shot

I’m a big fan of 22Plinkster over on Youtube and When I was younger, I told people all sorts of lies about the shots I made with my little Marlin Model 60, and it’s nice to see somebody proving my lies possible. Today, however, Dave (formerly) from ADT was showing off the new Big 4 shot shells from CCI.  Instead of #12 or #9 shot, these things throw #4 shot. Which is almost large enough to hunt Texas Mosquitoes.

Or those big palmetto bug roaches. I was going through DFW a couple decades ago, and American Airlines was using those suckers as skycaps.

Anyway, I’ve used shot shells in pistols many times in my life. Everything from the little 22lr to the 44s. I can’t call them a magnum, because seriously, they aren’t. But they do the job. Mostly. We used them for novelty fun most of the time. Hitting cans or bottles, popping balloons, and once or twice, to kill snakes or other pests.

What I have always found, is that as long as there is a bunch of something, moving past 800 feet per second or so, a raccoon’s head doesn’t really care what it is. The flesh and bones are thin, and it’ll be over quickly.  There are other things in my neck of the woods, however, that you would not want to fire #12 shot at in a confined place.

Most people use this kind of ammo to deal with snakes while fishing. I don’t fish, mostly because I learned long ago that I can buy fish. But I do understand the need for something to deal with the errant cottonmouth. Down here in Georgia, though, the second most common use, is carried by exterminators, or maintenance folks who crawl under houses. Sometimes, it is to deal with a potentially dangerous animal. Like Possum. Big ones. Or coyote, which is a spreading menace. Or Armadillo, which may not seem deadly, but they can be downright terrifying when you’re checking your crawlspace for a water leak. Now, with this last little bit in mind, check out what Plinkster is showing us.

Yes, he totally used the C.O.P. just for the thumbnail on that video. Don’t be fooled, it’s not an awesome gun. It has a worse trigger than a dollar store nerf gun. It does have a cool factor though. It would also make a decent platform for this kind of ammo. If they were still made, or available at a non-stupid price.

But did you see the patterns? As he mentioned, the shorter barrels had less length to spin that shot, so there wasn’t as much outward force to widen the spread. In a pistol, it stays tighter. And the penetration shown on plywood may not mean much to a lot of folks, but what it told me was that those little #4 balls will plow through vermin skulls pretty well. More importantly, it told me that if it has to be used in a crawlspace, you won’t have lead flying through your supports or floor.

A lot of people will only accept gel tests, and I suppose that would be valid. But these rounds simply aren’t made to perform against humans, hich is where gel tests… well, they still suck, but they are meant to be interpreted against human, or maybe hog or deer. But against vermin? Gel isn’t needed.

Unless making little gel effigies, with bones and organs in place to pretend it’s more scientific. Or to pretend you’re Bill Murray in Caddyshack. But the best way to find out how these will perform on vermin, is to go shoot vermin with them.

For more info on the Big 4 Shot Shells from CCI, Click here to visit CCI.

The image over to the side is from American Hunter. Visit them for another take on these shells.

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