The Most Useful Book I Ever Owned.

When I was growing up in California, I was a Boy Scout. I wasn’t really a good example of a Boy Scout, but I was one, and I tried. Our troop was small, but we had a dedicated Scoutmaster who used this book often. Not because he didn’t know his stuff, but because he wanted us to know that we could trust the resource. 

If there was one book to recommend for survival, it would be this. The BSA Handbook has always contained information, tips and tricks to help with just about anything. And through the years it has been updated to include even more information. It isn’t just about camping.

But for that purpose, it really does shine. Building fires to purifying water, it’s in there. Need to pull somebody out of a ravine but can’t remember how to tie a bowline? It’s in there. Need to sharpen an ax properly so Johnny can cut firewood? It’s in there. Need to know how to bandage and splint Johnny’s leg when he goofs off and hits his shin with said ax? It’s in there. Need to help Johnny de-stress as he goes into shock, and comfort him while traveling tot he hospital? Yep, that’s in there too.

I have read many prepper guides. And I regret that, as most of them suck. Same thing for survival guides. They seem to have an underlying tone of “If you have bullets, you can take whatever you want.” and that’s pretty creepy. The only ones I’ve read that aren’t trash, just don’t cover enough. Too much fluff and not enough information.

By comparison, the Boy Scout Handbook has been refined over a century, and updated to every generation to include new possibilities. It isn’t perfect, but you’ll find it more useful than anything with a zombie theme.

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