Springfield’s Entry Into Optic Ready Handguns

A little bit ago, I wrote an almost review of the Glock 19 MOS, which I love. I noted that other companies had been dipping their toes in that particular pool for a couple of years. It started with the FNX45, unless I am missing something. But Smith and Wesson, Glock, and now Springfield have entered the field, each with their own advantages. But Springfield might just have an edge at the consumer level.

Now, all of the guns have similar mounting options. Plates that can be interchanged. Smith and Wesson has an edge, due to shipping with suppressor height sights from the factory. Glock has an edge, having the lowest slide cut, allowing use of normal height sights with certain optics. FN has one of the best edges, the most proven record of the bunch. Springfield, however, has one that consumers may find even more useful. It comes with (optionally) a red dot, mounted and ready to go.

And we’re not talking about some no-name import. The Vortex Venom gets great reviews, and has an absolutely bulletproof warranty.  Sincerely, Vortex acts like they want you to break their stuff, so they can show off their policy. The pricepoint on the Vortex is also very good for that quality of optic. The prices I found online with a quick search showed a retail reality of about eight hundred and change, which is pretty close the the combined retail of a standard XD(m) and Vortex Venom, but without the slide cut done, which runs about a hundred. So you’re getting a complete factory set up without any of the hassle of doing it yourself.


For somebody who is new to competition, or wants a gun to run in the new Carry Optics division, the XD(m) OSP is a fine choice. And yes, I can say that with confidence, having never handled the gun itself. I have owned a 4.5inch XD(m), so I know what it can do. Adding a Vortex dot on top just makes it better. Or maybe you want a home defense gun that will be simple to use, easy to train with, and can be used by anybody. The OSP has that covered as well.

The gun is also available without the Vortex Venom, should you already have an optic you prefer. Here’s a little more from Springfield:

The XD(M)® OSP™ (Optical Sight Pistol) allows attachment of popular red dot optics directly to the XD(M)® 4.5-inch pistol with no need for custom modifications.

The XD(M)® OSP™ features a milled slide and 3 adapter plates that allow the direct attachment of your favorite optics. A matching cover plate provides a seamless slide surface when optics aren’t present. The OSP™ will ship with a cover plate along with 3 plate configurations that will support popular optics such as, but not limited to: #1 Plate – Vortex® Venom, Burris FastFire™ 2, Burris FastFire™ 3; #2 Plate – Leupold DeltaPoint®, Leupold DeltaPoint® Pro, JPoint® Sights; #3 Plate – Trijicon® RMR®.

Out of the box, the OSP™ (XDM9459BHCOSPV) comes with a Vortex® Venom red dot sight pre-installed. The Venom offers a three MOA red dot – a perfect size that balances fast target acquisition with precision. The Venom features ten levels of brightness and a top loading battery compartment that allows the optic to maintain zero through battery replacement.


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