Springfield Armory Saint: Mystery and intrigue

Springfield Armory has a secret. A secret that bears the name Saint. The little information that they do share about this new firearm is via a YouTube video campaign that encourages you to ‘defend your legacy’. With taglines like ‘stare down evil’ and ‘train your fear’ it evokes thoughts of bravery and grit. They don’t want us to shrink away from fear, they want us to use it as fuel. Fuel to train and anticipate danger. They assure us that it’s only a matter of time before we face it. They make us believe that it’s about not backing down and meeting challenges, unblinking and confident.

After I watched the YouTube ads I got the feeling that the Saint is a concealed carry pistol designed for those committed to every day carry. Not the casual carrier; instead those that train and strive to improve themselves in preparation for that moment that they will be called upon to defend themselves, or those that they love. On the website there is a page that encourages us to consider loss while being in control of our own fate. Keeping the power to challenge fear while exercising the right to defend what’s ours. Powerful images.

Let’s consider the name Saint. It’s synonymous with hero or angel. And when paired with a firearm designed to save and protect this seems in line with the theme. The campaign goes on to indicate that it’s the first in a new line of firearms. I can only speculate what this new series of weapons will be as it is all shrouded in secrecy. It’s all uniquely intriguing, and frustrating. I feel like a kid waiting for the moment to finally open the present, to gaze upon what’s been rattling around in the box.

November 1st. That’s when the veil will be lifted and we shall finally see what Springfield Armory has been keeping to themselves.

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