Springfield Armory Hit The Range ’16


Last year, Springfield held their “Hit The Range” events at select ranges around the country to promote their new XD Mod2. The promotion was a smashing success, and they have revived it, and are rolling out Hit The Range again for 2017, beginning in August.

One of those ranges was just down the road from me, and I was one of the first customers to walk in that day. I had so much fun with these guys. Talking about different guns, shooting different guns, and discussing some fine Croatian craftsmanship.

Well, they’re doing it again. Different range here, but it’s just down the road in the other direction, one I actually haven’t been to before.  No idea if they are going to have the same reps here this year, or if they are bringing the M1As like I politely requested,  but if they did, that would just be a bonus. So this year I’ll be heading to Sharpshooters.

Go to http://hit-the-range.springfield-armory.com/ and see if they are having one near you.  Get out and shoot some Springfield guns.  Check their schedule frequently. They seem to be adding locations and updating dates periodically.



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