So Pretty: Revisiting Maria’s SP101

Guest article by Maria Castleberry

Immediately following my first firearm purchase I knew one day I wanted to own a revolver. There is something nostalgic about them. Every time I handle one it takes me back to a simpler time, where there was a code of honor and the good guys always won.Yes, there was no question I would own a revolver, but it had to be the right one. Just scrolling through the internet you can stumble across a number of styles,but I wanted one that would fit nicely in my hands and looked good while being shot.


One afternoon my husband and I came across the Ruger SP101 in a local gun store. It was way over priced for a used model, but we asked to handle the gun and I loved the way it fit into my hands. I felt like it was made for me. I never shot a revolver before and it was brought to my attention that it can be a different experience. We arranged to borrow one of my father-in-law’s revolvers to make sure I liked the way it felt. I have learned the importance of being comfortable with a gun before making a purchase.


After trying out the revolvers I had to have one.

I kept going back to the Ruger, but I was looking for the pretty gun of the Wild West. In every gun store I was drawn to the guns with elaborate designs and pearl grips. I had given up going to different stores. I hate shopping! That was when my husband found a Ruger SP101 with intricate scrolling done my TALO online. I was sold.


It took some time getting used to the different sights, but that is normal with shooting any new gun. The Ruger also has some major advantages. You are able to shoot different calibers of ammunition, both .357 and .38 Special. In most cases I stick with the .38 Special as the recoil is easier to bear, but there is something invigorating about shooting a .357 magnum bullet out of a gun with a two-inch barrel. I also like that you have the option of firing it both single and double action. This gives the sh¬¬ooter the ability to slow down and think about each shot.


The Ruger SP101 is a straight shooter. I know that when I use it I will be on target. It is also easy to conceal in a purse or in a holster. This gun has proven to be reliable time and again. I am able to take it to the range and stay on target with minimal effort. I would highly recommend this gun for a female shooter of smaller stature.

Good things do come in small packages.

(Editor’s Note: Maria previously published this with us at Magdumped last year, and was kind enough to allow me to revisit it here at NBO. ~Sean)

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