SHOT Show: Mental Prep

We leave for SHOT Show 2017 in a few days. I can feel the butterflies of nervousness as the date that was once something distant and foreign looms near. This will be a return trip for the No Budget Outdoors crew. Last year was an eye-opening experience. I wouldn’t say kid-in-a candy-store eyes, more like deer-in-the-headlights eyes. It was overwhelming to say the least. I’m sure I looked comical with my wide eyed and probably gape mouthed stare as I wandered between the booths. Not this year. This year we return with a plan. We know what we need to focus on and what to walk past. It’s this plan that helps to keep the nervous energy focused on preparations. Things like updating camera firmware, wiping hard drives, clearing off thumb drives and SD cards, locating cables, and packing clothes.


When I tell people that I’m going to Las Vegas for a week they speak to me of tourist attractions and sights to see. When I tell them that it’s going to be more of a business trip they somehow feel bad for me. They don’t understand that it’s the big dance. In their mind Las Vegas is casinos, shows, and tourist glitz. While there is part of me that would like to try some of this, I know that my experience will be much more rich than what those attractions afford. We will be networking, viewing new products, and making plans for future articles and reviews. We will work both smart and hard as we navigate the 12 miles of vendor and manufacturer booths in the Sands Expo Center. All while occupying the same space as the population of a medium-sized town. More than 70,000 people are expected to descend upon SHOT Show 2017. That’s more than the total student population of Texas A&M University’s 2016 spring semester. Big names in the firearms, tactical gear, optics, law enforcement equipment and outdoor wear industries will be represented. Also in attendance will be decorated veterans, shooting sports world champions, movie stars, YouTube celebrities, and other notables. But we aren’t going to let that cloud our vision. We’ve got a plan, remember? We’ll have on our SHOT glasses, if you will, and we’ll make the best use of our time there to bring you updates.


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