Rock Island Armory 22TCM CCO

One of the first things I thought about when RIA brought out the 22TCM, was a CCO. If you’re not familiar with the term, a CCO is a chopped 1911 Commander. So the slide is shorter, and the grip is shorter. It uses Officer/Compact 1911 mags. The 22TCM round offers a different shooting experience, with minimal recoil and plenty of boom, so it’s a natural candidate for a CCO. But Armscor/RIA did not make one. Until now.

These were available to shoot at SHOT this year, but I missed them completely on the table at Range Day. I did play with one on the show floor, and they feel great. I haven’t shot one yet, but I have faith in Rock Island. I also have assurance that I will have one for T&E as soon as they are available. But what info can we get in the meantime? Well, how about a peek at the prototype CCO that Armscor built to test it out?

From Brian, the owner:
“My CCO is a Black Nitride Finish, 8+1 22tcm, front strap is checkered, it has a slight carry melt on it to make it less snaggy, even the end of the slide stop pin is flush fit against the other side of the frame so it doesn’t snag. It has a slightly 5 sided slide, but there are no sharp edges…its a mid-size slide with a bushing, Trijicon front sight with black rear which is nice and really helps for a quick target acquisition..”

TCM CCO Reverse Broadside Banner

The photos included in this article were provided by Brian Connelly the admin of the best and largest RIA owners groups on FaceBook, Rock Island Armory 1911sI am a member there as well, so please come by and pester Brian for more images.

TCM CCO Muzzle
Brian was gifted this gun as a thanks for all the work he does to help promote Armscor/RIA, and it was a surprise. He was one of the key people pushing for a 22TCM CCO for the last couple of years, and since it looks like it will be a great seller, it’s a very fitting way for Armscor to say “Thank You.”

Now, why would I think this thing is going to be a great seller? Well, a CCO isn’t something every company does. More and more are getting into it, but the cost is somewhere well beyond what most folks consider affordable. As any fan of Rock Island Armory knows, the company does their best to keep costs down, and that is going to show. What exactly is the MSRP going to be? Well, I have a base figure, but I can’t share that. we will all have to wait and see. However, I would suspect it will be less than you might think.

TCM CCO Hammer EndAs you can see, the production model is a bit different than Brian’s prototype. This is the Rock Ultra CCO, You won’t get the carry melt or Trijicon sights, instead the production guns will fall in line with the other Rock Ultra series. Three dot sights, white in the back, red/orange fiber in the front and the safety is ambidextrous. The rear sight is also adjustable. This is the gun I handled at Armscor/RIA’s booth at SHOT, and it feels great. It’s a little smaller than my Rock Ultra TCM MS, but thanks to the added magwell and extended magazine with pinkie retention curve, I can still wrap my whole mitt around it.

Now, not everybody is comfortable with the 22TCM as a defensive round, and the CCO is a dedicated defensive gun. But like every other gun in the TCM line, the Rock Ultra CCO will come with a 9mm conversion. This is the reason for the adjustable sights, the 22TCM and 9mm have widely different points of impact. Swapping between the calibers is dead simple and only take a couple of minutes. So you have the TCM for plinking, varmint control, poking holes in steel, whatever you like. And you have the comfort of a magazine full of 9mm+p hollow points for carry. Yes, all Armscor/RIA guns are +p Rated for calibers that have a SAAMI approved +p loading.


The CCO is not the only new TCM that Armscor is releasing this year. Next Monday, I’ll tell you about the others. For now, go take a peek at Brian’s FB Group and say hi and pester him with demands for more photos. And while you’re on FB, stop by Magdumped’s FB Group and join us there.

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