Recovering the Recover Tactical

Have a 1911, but really want to add a rail to it? Is your grandpa’s war pistol just not tactical enough for you? Do you have only one gun, but need a free hand when checking your home for intruders? You could buy a different gun. Or, you could spend a whole lot less and get a grip/rail from Recover Tactical.


About a year ago, I sent Recover Tactical an email, asking if I could get some information about their grip/rail product. Not only did they offer to send me one, they also included the holster for it. Then they threw in another, along with another holster, so that I could try out both active and passive retention configuration. But I’ll get to those in a couple weeks. Today, I want to tell you about the original item I wanted them to tell me about.


I’ve had the grip/rail installed on several guns, but it is currently riding along on the RIA XT22TAC. This is a great little gun that I use to cut playing cards. It has a couple other features I really like but for today’s use, it’s also a full size, honest 1911 frame. This is the same frame RIA uses on most of their 1911s. In fact, you can strip it, and install a 45 slide right on there if you like. This also means that the grip/rail from Recover Tactical fits just as it should. It will also work on a Commander sized 1911 as well, with a little overhang on the dust cover.

I was skeptical of a plastic rail, in two pieces no less, being able to maintain stability. I was wrong, it does pretty well. I will point out that I have only used it for lights, and closer work with a laser. I have not tried anything longer than 15 yards with a laser, and well, I don’t really care if the weapon light holds zero. The rail did surprisingly well with the laser, and I imagine for most of the uses you may have for such an addition, it will work well.


The only issue I had at all, was on my TCM. I converted it to 9mm, and shooting some potent little +p+ gold dots had the gun slipping and sliding everywhere. Now, my TCM normally has a very nice pair of VZ Grips G10s on it, so the shift to something slick was not comfortable at all. When I slipped the Recover Tactical grips onto this XT22TAC, I noticed I was getting some slippage with 22lr as well, though it was midsummer here in the swampy south. Sweat had a lot to do with that.

I knew that the surface of the Recover Tactical grips could be an issue. So while we were at SHOT back in January, I spoke to the folks at Talon Grips. If you’re not familiar with Talon, you need to watch Hickok45 a bit more. Essentially, Talon started out by making die cut grip enhancers from skateboard grip tape. This only made sense, because shooters have been slapping this same product on their guns since the 1980’s. But the innovation that Talon put into it, is the die cut perfection.


I don’t need anything aggressive on the XT22TAC, as it is a kitten to shoot. It’s a full steel 22lr, after all. So I opted for Talon’s newer texture. It’s a pebble textured rubber material. It’s a touch soft, which is perfect, perfect, after shooting heavier, more potent rounds all day. It’s like an inverted hug for weary hands.

Thick enough to be a cushion, thin enough to have zero effect on your aim, and grippy enough to keep hold of easily. Water and sweat make no change at all. Dish soap… well, dish soap makes anything slippery. And can cause the adhesive to fail. This is another good point on the Talon grip inserts. If you don’t like them, or need to change them, they peel right off. If they’re too sticky, just warm them up with a hair dryer. And if you get blood or tree sap or something on them, you can clean them with a wet washcloth.

The Recover Tactical grip is a good, solid addition to a non-railed gun. I don’t like the grip texture on the original model, so I do recommend getting a Talon insert for it if you find it to be too slick. It is an affordable way to modify or modernize an older weapon to accept modern conveniences.


Recover Tactical was also nice enough to provide me with one of their newer options, which I will share with you soon. And since they were kind enough to send me two of this particular grip/rail, next week, I’ll show you a more extreme modification for them.

Interested in the Recover Tactical Rail? Here’s a link to this model at Amazon, also available in pink.

As there are numerous fakes on Amazon, I recommend ordering Talon’s products directly.

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