Plano 1612 X2 Range Bag


Those that know me, know that I don’t do bags. I avoid carrying purses, clutches, whatever those small pointless bags are that hang by the chain that gets caught in your hair. Waste of money when you have perfectly good pockets. That being said, I’ve found a bag I love. Of course, it’s a range bag so it’s so much better than a purse, but has some of the functionality of one. It also didn’t break the bank and is really versatile.

I purchased the Plano 1612 X2 Range Bag in the medium size. The medium size measurements are 16.75×10.25×10.25 and it weighs about 5 pounds empty. It’s not small by any means but not any worse than the size of some people’s diaper bags so on a frame larger than mine, it might not seem too large at all. I can easily carry it and right now I have just over 500 rounds of 9MM in it plus my gun and other range accessories.


My requirements for a bag may be different than for other people, but I only own one pistol at this time so I wanted a bag that could be general storage for me plus a range bag. Plano doesn’t recommend putting more than one gun in the pistol case at a time. That being said, I was able to test and fit a .44 Magnum Tracker in the included pistol case with my VP9. Although I wouldn’t do it for any length of time as the pistol case doesn’t seem too happy about it. I could also put at least one holstered in the ammo can, that is included as well, depending on how much ammo I currently have, if I needed to. So, while it seems like a big bag to carry to the range, all my stuff is condensed into one, easy to carry with a nicely padded strap, bag. With the inclusion of the ammo can and the pistol case, for under $50. I feel like it’s a great deal.


IMG_9962Both the ammo can and the pistol case have the holes to put locks on them that I use luggage locks in. Some of the other reviews for this bag complained that the one sided lock for the ammo can doesn’t make it secure enough but with the luggage locks I feel that it is sufficient. The place to put the pistol case has a Velcro strap holding it in place in the bag but the ammo can does not. However, I’ve picked the bag up many times by the can while decently heavy and have not had the can slide out. The pistol case is an okay basic case, but fairly thin, the plastic can be easily bent. The hard case my VP9 came in feels sturdier to me, plus it’s molded for the gun itself, so I actually have that in the bag currently instead of the included pistol case but have used both to carry to and from the range.


IMG_9971I would have liked it if they had used metal clips and rings for the strap as I worry that the plastic will eventually break and the plastic clip has bent a little on one side making me worry it will come un-clipped without me realizing it and dropping all my stuff to the ground. I might get crafty one day and replace these plastic parts with metal if I become too concerned.
There’s a decently sized Velcro pocket on the one side and two magazine holders on the other as well as a mesh pocket running the length of the ammo can. The lid of the ammo can has a small compartment that I keep a pen, my molded ear plugs, a few dollars and the luggage locks in (when not in use) which is a nice little feature.


It looks a little odd, as it isn’t a traditional bag with all the zippers and hidden nooks and/or molded compartments. It’s much more of a ‘what you see is what you get’, basic ammo can and pistol case holder with a strap. But for a first bag or a grab and go bag, I’m very pleased with it. If you’d like to order one for yourself, as a gift, or just read more reviews before deciding, you can find it at, for about 45$ right now.

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