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I know that every company claims to care about their products, and I believe that absolutely. But what Ogre Manufacturing cares about, is you and your guns. And your fishing tackle. And your cabinet door hinges. I discovered this when I started testing out two of their products: EnviroClean FA, and HP Gun Oil. And I found this out because I had a problem, and the company owner called me to talk to me about it.

The next hour after my phone rang I spent talking with John Thompson, the guy who makes it. We talked about everything, as you might imagine. My main problem was that my G19 had begun freckling. Freckling, for those who don’t know, is when you have rust spots show up under the finish for apparently no reason. And since this was on a Glock, I kind of assumed it was the new cleaning product I was using. But, I was wrong. When John found out about my issue, he emailed me immediately and wanted to know what was going on, and if it was his product, how he could make it right.

Well, it turns out that it was not the fault of Ogre MFG’s cleaner or oil. I spoke with Glock about it, and the CSR I talked to said that it is a common enough problem on the Gen4 slides. It would be covered by the warranty and they would inspect and refinish the gun for me, free of charge. I opted not to do this, because the only finish Glock would put on the slide, is the exact same finish that had already failed me. I’m looking into other options. But I’m getting off topic here.

John was worried that his product had caused a previously unknown problem with my gun. He was willing to do pretty much anything to make this right. But it wasn’t his fault. And I’ll tell you why.

The EnviroClean gun cleaner doesn’t do anything that might cause rust. Not any more than any other solvent would. But it does do things a little bit differently because it isn’t exactly a solvent. You see, a solvent would destroy, dissolve things like copper deposits and lead fouling in the barrel. EnviroClean does this to some extent, but not totally. It dissolves some things, while simply loosening others. The easiest to see is copper fouling. Copper, when dissolved, leaves a blue/green color on your bore patches, similar to a verdigris finish on old copper fixtures. With EnviroClean, you get copper. Yet when you peek down the bore, you still see the shiny, beautiful intro to every Bond movie, ever.

I cannot say that EnviroClean is the best gun cleaner ever. Well, I could, but I have no way to back that up. What I can say, is that I really like it. I like that it has no strong lingering odor. And this is coming from a lifelong Hoppe’s fanboy. My wife, sadly, is not of the “Cult of #9” and really appreciated that EnviroClean lets me work on the back porch without “stinking up the place.” As with any gun cleaner, you need to use it with plenty of outside ventilation. This is because solvents and chemicals that are volatile will release fumes and chemicals into the air that are not friendly with your body chemistry. Just because EnviroClean isn’t smelly, does not make it safe to snort.

Also, it has a high flashpoint. You should never smoke while cleaning guns, of course. And you should certainly not be handling solvents or chemicals by candle light. But John assured me that it isn’t likely to reach a saturation point that can cause a spark explosion. Again, that is no excuse to be unsafe. Work outside or crack a window.

Once the gun is nice and shiny, aside from the freckles, you need to re-lube. I don’t care if the gun is all clean and perfect unlubricated, you need lube. When John sent me the EnviroClean to test out, he included some of Ogre’s HP Gun Oil with it. Unlike the EnviroClean, the HP Gun Oil does have a scent. A strong scent.

Now, I like FrogLube for the minty scent, but it gums up in cold weather. I’ve tried a few different lubes that use coconut oil, because I like how it smells when the gun heats up. But again, it gums up when cold. The HP Gun Oil scent is not pleasant. I just want to get that out there. My wife won’t let me use it in the house.

But I do anyway. The scent lingers for a while, but fades away. As a gun lube, it works very well. As a protectant, I don’t know yet. I have a test for that, but the lack of rain here in South Georgia has made it difficult to do. But the standard tests for gun oil around here are simple. Is it slippery? Yep. Is it thick enough to cling, but stay runny enough to move? Yep. Is it Crisco? Nope. So as a gun oil, it passes the test well. But this isn’t the only use for gun oil around here. And I don’t always use gun oil on guns. I’ve used everything from cooking spray to synthetic motor oil. So, I value things that have more than a single use.

Ogre’s HP Gun Oil has silenced every cabinet hinge in my house. One rusty door hinge was cleaned with EnviroClean, then lubed with HP Gun Oil, and while it doesn’t look like new, it certainly sounds like new.

And the products are affordable. And I don’t mean that to say that other products are really out of the price ranges for most people. But this is another area where John Thompson has gone out of his way. Keeping the price down. I’ve paid 20$ for a 2oz bottle of cleaner before. I have paid 3$ for a teaspoon sized, one time use squeezy packet of lube. Ogre’s EnviroClean, comes in sizes from 1oz up to 1 gallon. And the prices aren’t bad at all. The 8oz bottle for 15$ is a great value, even if you only use it on your guns.

I’ll be back to this in about a month, when I have tested the outdoor weather protection on the HP Gun Oil. And I’ll see what else I can find to do with the EnviroClean. And, John also sent me some samples of another product, his “Here Fishy Fishy” fish attractant. I have had limited time to test this one out yet, so I have some samples out with folks who do real fishing, so we can see what it can really do.

For more information or to order some for yourself, visit http://www.ogremfg.com/

The samples of Ogre’s products were provided to me, free of charge, in exchange for testing and honest review. 

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