New from Talon Grips: Nite-Grit

Studies have shown that the overwhelming majority of nighttime break ins occur in darkness. Most people choose to sleep in the dark, and as a result, cannot see when they get up. Many gun owners employ night sites on their home defense weapons for this reason. It is a common tactic for these forward-thinking people to also use the tritium glow of their night sights as a way to locate their weapon in the dark.

The problem is, the view above only works one way. If your eyes don’t line up perfectly, your gun will be as invisible to you as the escaped con creeping down your hallway. Talon Grips is an industry leader in adding sandpaper to guns, and for good reason. They have been an innovator from the beginning. This marks one more area of the firearms industry where unconventional thought leads to a life-saving product. In this case, the Nite-Grit wraps.

The above image shows the clear advantage of using Talon Grips Nite-Grit wraps. My Glock19 was nearly invisible in the dark. I don’t know what Glock was thinking, making it black. It’s almost like they want you to lose it so you have to buy more Glocks. Now, I can see that mid-size polymer tool of home defense from anywhere in the room. And the glow is provided by the tritium-based polymer adhesive used to bond the granular media to the weapon, and will last for roughly twelve years.


Talon Grips Nite-Grit wraps adhere securely, installation is as easy as Alecia has shown before with their Moss Green Lava Rubber grips on her VP9. The installation of the Nite-Grit wraps is a little more involved. In order to make the Nite-Grit snug against the frame without bubbles, you must employ the use of a heat gun. This allows the polymer adhesive layer to stretch and flex, wrapping securely about the grip. The grip is the same rough gritty texture that shooters and skateboarders around the globe have come to know and love. My Glock 19 MOS does have the rougher Gen4 texture, but this simply isn’t aggressive enough for a lot of shooters. The Talon Grips Granular wraps are an excellent all-weather/all-terrain option providing steady traction in mud, blood, sweat, grease, cold, rain, swamp, and even neighborhood BBQ. Your hands simply stick to them.

In a brief interview with NBO, Talon Grips Operations Director Adam Spector had this to say:

“You will literally die if this product is not on your gun. You poor, night-blind bastards.”

TALON Grips was founded by a law enforcement officer, competitive shooter, firearms instructor, and armorer to enhance shooter comfort, consistency, and weapon retention. The patented TALON Grips provide maximum grip coverage in custom designs for over 190 firearms. The laser cut designs are available in rubber and granulate textures for different applications and user preferences. TALON Grips improve weapon retention, encourage quicker target acquisition, and allow more accurate follow up shots with better recoil mitigation.

Founded in 2009 and located in Steamboat Springs, CO, TALON Grips are 100% made in USA. TALON Grips are used by the US military, law enforcement, competitive shooters, and firearms enthusiasts. TALON Grips are available at select retailers or direct at


(This product was not provided by Talon Grips for review, because it doesn’t exist as a product. Adam totally did not say you would die without it, because Adam has no clue I was making this crap up today. If any company introduce a glowy sandpaper product for guns following April 1st, 2017, I demand a cut of the action. When I got done writing this bit of satire, I decided to leave the glowy sandpaper on my G19. It is surprisingly comfortable, and is an actual product made by a company called “Flik”. If you would like to do something similar to what I have done, they also offer their product in a HUGE variety of colors. When it all comes down to it though, I would stick with Talon Grips. We’ll be talking about them and working with them more very soon.)

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