NBO YouTube Spotlight: C&Rsenal

Sometimes, you find an underappreciated YouTube channel. One where the creators are talented, knowledgeable and passionate, yet they haven’t really gotten the subscriber count up there. I’d like to try to help these folks out a bit, and just give them a little spotlight here to maybe help them reach more of their potential audience. And the first channel I want to share, is C&Rsenal.

That’s Mae. She shoots everything, and I really do mean everything. Chances are, she’s shot more classic and antique firearms than you have even heard of. And we’re not talking about some random girl in tight clothes paid to shoot an AK and squeal. Mae actually learns about the weapons and has developed an impressive knowledge base.

But it’s not just a woman shooting that keeps your attention. Othias, the other half of C&Rsenal’s public face has a downright lust for ancient, historical guns. He gets in there, studies, learns and then teaches you more than you thought you wanted to know, yet leaves you wanting to go out and learn more.

In this recent video, Othias takes us through a brief, yet detailed, history of both the 1915, and Beretta in general. When I watched it the first time, I got a bit lost in it and went on to read more about the history of the company. I was honestly shocked at just how much information Othias was able to get into the video.  There was so much more than he had to be dying to include.


I’m sure that we have all seen 3D cutaway views of Glocks and 1911s over the years. This is the first time I’ve ever seen a Beretta 1915.  The amount of detail and work they put into their content is amazing. It is also just the beginning, they provide links for further information in the descriptions. I know a lot of folks do that, but at C&Rsenal, they provide scholarly sources.

It’s like they’re out to help folks learn.

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