Mossberg Shockwave: 14 inches of pure delight.

Ok, no, I don’t have the new Mossberg 590 Shockwave. I still have my Magpul Edition Shorty from 802 Traders, so I didn’t feel the need to go and try out the new offering from Mossberg. Because it’s pretty much the same thing. But I wanted to talk about it again, because it is still one of my favorite guns, and I was very happy to see Mossberg take something from the custom world and make it their own.

It does seem odd to say that, considering they are really taking a bit of work away from the custom shops. But well, it is their gun and all. And as happy as I am with my gun from 802, not everybody could get one from 802, or other custom shops. Mossberg is able to bring the price down, since they do everything in house, and mass produce the quantities needed in order to meet demand.

And demand is what I really want to see here. In my testing, I found the gun to be well suited for a variety of uses, with home defense being primary. Buckshot at indoor distances would be devastating, slugs would be as nasty as ever. This may sound a bit bloodthirsty to some folks, but in home defense, I don’t want anybody to have a long, drawn out gunfight. If you have to defend yourself or your family, I want as few shots fired as possible. As the 12 gauge has been the go-to choice for millions of people, the weapon using it should be as usable and useful as possible. And for home defense, that means mobility and control. That’s what the 14 inch pump gun gives you.

If Mossberg has cost some custom shops a little business, so be it. It happens in every industry, when a modification or change becomes more popular, it becomes an available feature, or even standard. This particular modification legally shortens the shotgun into something much more useful for close range use, in possibly crowded conditions. The only thing it’s lacking for everyday folks to us, is an integral laser.

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