Kimber’s K6: First Impression

Last year, I played with the Kimber K6. In Kimber’s booth. On the show floor. Because I totally forgot about it on Industry Day. This year, I remedied that oversight however. At Industry Day at the range, I sought out Kimber later in the day just to go shoot their snubby 357. That’s me up there, shooting it. I still have a soft spot for snubbies, and the K6 turned out to be a wonderful little DAO. With snubby stubby grips. And a Crimson Trace Lasergrip that was useful for nothing in the afternoon sun. But the grips felt good anyway.

Kimber K6 SHOT2017

And here we see Izzy shooting the same gun. The recoil on the little 357 was stout. Kimber was not using 38 specials in it, after all. What good would that do, honestly? I mean, really, it’s a 357 magnum, why not use magnums at the very least. And we did. The first speed-loader handed to me, and the only one handed to Izzy, was loaded with full magnum full metal jackets from the folks at The Buffalo Cartridge Company. I was blessed with a second speed-loader that was crammed full of semi-jacketed hollow-points. They were stout and gave me solid hand punch, without being painful. Though, I did only fire six of them.

Buffalo Cartridge Company

We were fortunate to meet the folks at Buffalo the next day, in their booth at the NEXT showing outside the press room. In fact, they were one of the first of the NEXT booths we stopped at. These are great people, very friendly, and the only thing they wanted from us, was information. About their ammo. They wanted feedback, every detail about how it felt, how accurate it was, did it function perfectly? Every aspect of shooting the K6 was good, every bullet went exactly where I wanted it. (Prove me wrong then. Go on, prove it.)  The ammo was wonderful, the recoil consistent, and the loads were accurate in the K6. Or, as accurate as a snubby can be, and I find “minute of bad guy” at 25 yards to be acceptable.

Kimber K6 Crimson Trace Laser Grips


The grips look tiny, but that’s only because they are. This is the new for 2017 K6s, with Crimson Trace Laser Grips. The gun is set up for concealed carry, of course, and I can’t imagine there being a flaw with it as a choice for self defense. While I loved shooting magnums in it, I would probably opt for 38spc +p for actual use. The diminishing returns vs recoil to use 357 magnum rounds could get expensive to practice with, and beats up your hand more.

Kimber K6s Crimson Trace

Yes, it can almost vanish in my hand. The MSRP on it is about 1200$. Or roughly 3 S&W J-Frame 38’s. They can be found for 800-900$ pretty regularly, though this isn’t as likely with the Laser Grip model. This is out of the price range I normally go for. And while it is a wonderful gun that I shoot well, I do shoot the Ruger SP-101 and LCR better. The Smith and Wesson J-Frames I also shoot much better. And with the Colt Cobra 2017 coming out (which I loved) for an MSRP of about 800… I would personally pass on the Kimber K6. Not for any fault in the gun itself, but because of the price. Kimber fans, or people with more fluid budgets than I, do not hesitate. As always, shoot it before you buy if at all possible.

For more information on the Kimber K6.

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