Kangaroo Carry Holsters at Texas Firearms Festival

This was my second year attending the Texas Firearms Festival outside of Austin, Texas. There was a mix of vendors there, and as a Texas LTC holder, you’d think that I would be more drawn to the booths with holsters. However, I’m generally not. Being female, I can enjoy the look of holsters all I want, but, I rarely wear a belt and let’s face it, women’s clothing isn’t made to conceal anything. I’ve pretty much resigned myself to the fact that I’ll need to spend a large sum on specialized clothing or end up purse carrying which I personally don’t care to do.

kanga4While walking through the booths, the mannequins with the Kangaroo Carry  holsters caught my eye. Austin Davis appeared, quick and friendly, to talk up his holsters. He’s got a wonderful energy and charisma about him and it shows in the way that he speaks about all of his products. I think he read the skepticism on my face when he told me I could conceal even in girl clothes but he didn’t miss a beat. He was wonderfully engaging and quickly asked me what I carry and fit me with a holster.

hairtoss I initially tried on the Standard 3 Holster that would fit the M&P Shield that I’ve been eyeing for an EDC. The fit was comfortable and it was easy to see how concealable this will be for me. However, I ended up with the Air Marshal 3 Holster because I mentioned how much I love my VP9 but thought that it would always be too large for me to carry. He assured me that his holster would allow me to comfortably carry what I already own. While at the festival, Mr. Davis showed me how versatile this holster can be with its easy to adjust torso band and shoulder strap. Having never drawn from a shoulder holster before, I was surprised with the ease and comfort of the motion.

kanga3When I arrived home, I was eager to open the package and place my VP9 on my side. The packaging for the holster is basic but sufficient. Inside are instructions that include how to wash, extend and remove the seam that has been added to give room for those who carry with a laser or similar rail attachments. The website (kangaroocarry.com) has videos showing each holster and how to measure, adjust, and draw. Off the body the VP9 fits wonderfully, although, I’m still playing with the adjustments to really figure out the “Goldilocks position” as Davis calls it for it. The grip for the VP9 is rather large and because of my frame will take some tweaking to be able to hide under most normal shirts.

kanga-packageI’ve only had this holster for a few days so I’ll be testing it out and then getting into more detail with it but, just for analyzing comfort, I wore the holster (empty) to work. While it was obvious to me that I was wearing something, it wasn’t restrictive. I have sensitive skin and even against bare skin I didn’t experience any irritation. I was able to position the shoulder strap along my bra line preventing it from showing on the neckline of my shirt. Sitting, standing, and moving equipment around at work wasn’t impeded at all as this holster allows you to adjust both vertically and horizontally so I didn’t have to adjust my movements to accommodate it.

kangaroocloseMade in Houston, Texas, this is a local (for me) made in America product with quality workmanship. The stitching is solid and clean and the material feels supportive without being overbearing. I think Davis’ excitement over his product is well warranted and I’m excited to really get some use out of this holster.



Editor’s Note: Two little things I wanted to mention. The first, is that while the appearance of the holster may be rough, Alecia reports that it is very comfortable, like any well made undergarment. And in that vein, it isn’t meant to be seen. Function reigns supreme. And on that topic, the feature image shows Mr. Davis concealing an HK MK23 without printing. You can’t do that with an IWB Kydex sheath. ~Sean

(T&E Sample Disclaimer: The holster was provided in exchange for an honest review. While Alecia is initially pleased with the Kangaroo Carry, she will be giving us, and Mr. Davis, an update in a few weeks to see if any problems present themselves.)

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