Kahr Arms Invades California

California isn’t exactly a red carpet for gun makers. There is an awful lot of stupidity involved with being able to legally sell your guns in the land of sequoia. And it’s all because of two major metropolitan areas. But I’m not going to get into all of that. Because for all its faults, California is a beautiful place with a lot of very good people in it, who deserve to be able to defend themselves or go target shooting, or take part in any other legal use of a firearm.

So, that’s the big deal here. New gun models in California.  For me, here in Georgia, all I need to do if I want one of three models I’m about to show you, is ask Kahr to send me one. They send it to my FFL and I do the paperwork, Jud (my gun store guy) calls the FBI, and since I’m a good boy, I get to take the gun home. For those in California, it is not so simple. They can go and do pretty much the same thing with a gun model that is already for sale, but new models are rare.  And It takes longer.

So, for those of you in California, Here are three new models, or variants, really, that Kahr has braved the red tape to offer you.



Three Kahr® Arms 9mm Pistols now California Legal

Greeley, PA – Kahr Arms is happy to announce that three of their popular CW9 9mm models are now California legal. These models include the CW9 in a Black Carbon Fiber frame, standard CW9 with front night sight and the very popular Cerakote Burnt Bronze.

The three CW9 models all feature a 3.6” barrel with conventional rifling, an overall length of 5.9”, and a height of 4.5” and each pistol weighs just 15.8 oz. All three models offer a trigger cocking DAO, lock-breach, “Browning-type” recoil lug, and a passive striker block with no magazine disconnect. Capacity is 7+1.

The attractive CW9093BCF is one of Kahr’s newest finishes in a classic Black Carbon Fiber print. This textured weave provides a 3-D dimensional appearance to the 9mm while also providing a textured grip that has a tacky feel in your hand. MSRP on the CW9093BCF is $495.00.

Next in the line-up is the CW9093N which features a stainless steel slide and a black polymer frame. It also features a drift adjustable white bar-dot combat rear sight and a pinned in polymer front night sight. MSRP on this model is $495.00.

Last in the group is the CW9093BB. The Cerakote® Burnt Bronze has been a popular finish for Kahr Firearms Group having introduced it in both the Kahr and Magnum Research product lines. The attractive brushed bronze finish always turns a few heads at the gun range and has proven to be the top choice of many shooting enthusiasts. The MSRP on that model is $482 and is now available for California gun dealers to buy from authorized Kahr Firearms Group wholesalers.

For more information about these three models, please go to www.kahr.com or check with your local gun shop.

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