Introducing Remington’s Polymer Striker Duty Gun: The RP9

Remington is celebrating two hundred years in the firearms game, so we all expected a special thing or two to come out in 2016. The rumors and teasers about this gun have been circulating since 2014 or so, but following the disaster Remington experienced with the original release of the R51 it is understandable that things got delayed on other products. The RP9 is one of them.


The R51 problems are still a recent wound, however, we visited Remington at TFF to take a peek at it. As you can see in the above photo, Alecia shot the current production R51, and it was not bad at all. What I would like to note is that we visited Remington at the end of the day. The guns were absolutely filthy, and ran perfectly. This looks good for the RP9, because if Big Green could fix the Pederson System in the R51, a tilting barrel striker of modern design should be no issue at all.

Now, we were not at the event when Remington released the gun for testing by grubby writer hands.  But the news has been everywhere today. As have the pictures, so I wanted to give my impressions from what I have found.


The overall look of the gun. It’s difficult to like or dislike, as it is so many different guns at once. It combines elements of the M&P, Glock, FNX, and CCP. All it needs is a grip safety to mimic the XD, and we can call it done.  It is difficult to come up with unique designs and features, true, but it looks like Remington borrowed a little more heavily than most do.

A lot of folks are speculating that this gun was designed for a bid in the M9 replacement program. It fits the bill pretty well. From all appearances, the RP9 and RP45 will likely have the same frame and internal chassis system, which also opens the platform will be capable in .40S&W, 357Sig, 22TCM, 38Super… You get the picture. The gun will be adaptable. The polymer frame, modular construction, striker system, and adjustable grip all point towards a big towards the military contract that Glock is already set to win.

My guess for the RP9 and RP40, is that they will be marketed as a duty gun, or a home defense gun, similar to the approach taken by Ruger for their American Pistol. If they price it similar to the MSRP on the R51, under 500$, I have high hopes for sales.

Since we were not at the reveal, I’m going to point you to a couple of folks who were.

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