Hudson H9: Dominating Pre-SHOT Hype

Well, maybe not for everybody, but ever since John reminded us about Hudson earlier today, it’s been stuck in my mind. Recoil had an exclusive about it recently, and it has blown up since then, being spotted all around the gun blog communities. The hype about it, is pretty hype-worthy.

The H9 has been teased in a nearly burlesque kind of way by their social media folks. A little ankle here, a flash of thigh there. Nothing really showing everything, just a glimpse and a hint. Until Recoil put out the full images. Which I am gleefully sharing here. But do yourself a big favor and go over to Recoil and read what they have about it.

What gets me going about the Hudson H9, is that it is an all American, steel frame, striker fired pistol. No, they aren’t the first to do this. Kahr has been doing it for a while now. However, Kahr’s steel framed options are a bit pricey, and rather limited in capacity. Hudson’s H9 is a full double stack, and they are hinting at the prices being quite different than the competition. I’m not certain what to make of that exactly, but I am hopeful.

I also know precisely nothing specific. I haven’t had my hands on it, seen it in person, or much less fired it. But the design has just enough new stuff that I have questions. Thankfully, I get to have those questions answered very soon.

We’re going to see what Hudson is all about next week at SHOT 2017. They are apparently a sponsor for Industry Day at the Range, and will have a booth on the show floor.

Join the anticipation over at Hudson’s Website, to be unveiled in about 12 hours or so.

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