Hi-Point Bullpup Coming Soon?

Yeah, you read it right. I have talked people out of buying Hi-Points for years, for myriad reasons that any sensible gun dork already knows and understands. But that is when we’re talking about the pistols. Hi-Point’s carbines are a slightly different beast, and a much different case. I’ll explain why in a minute. About that headline: Somebody is going to be making not only a mod for the Hi-Point Carbine, but a bullpup. And it looks promising.


I don’t have a press release, but Nathan S over at TFB shared this with the world a little bit ago. The bullpup configuration has a bit of a love or hate reaction. Few people are in the middle, and I’m one of them. I’ve fired bad ones, mainly those kits from the 80’s and 90’s. And I’ve fired good ones, like the Kel-Tec RFB. (At that price, it better be good, and it is.) And I have high hopes for the Hi-Point chassis conversion from High Tower Armory.

Here’s why. The Hi Point Carbine is a sturdy, if frumpy, truck gun. I don’t say that to be mean, but because that’s what I feel it is best for. They have a reputation for being reliable, if not the most accurate things ever. They do shoot well, have decent balance, recoil is easy to manage. And the price is pretty damn cheap for a pistol caliber carbine. It’s not a Marlin Camp Carbine, but nothing else is either. The design is simple, with a minimum of moving parts, it’s easy to clean and maintain. And most importantly, they are +p rated and seem to fire anything you load into them.


Now, if you take all of that, in a package with an MSRP of less than 400$, and you have a winner. This is where the bullpup conversion makes things interesting. High Tower Armory makes chassis conversions for the Ruger 10/22 as well as many other products. They have a good reputation. Their PS90-10/22 chassis comes in at about 300$, so one can expect the Hi-Point Carbine chassis to be in the same ballpark. Add a used Hi-Point and you have a Pistol Caliber Bullpup for under 500$.


And it looks decent. The Hi-Point Carbine always had sort of a wannabe space-gun look to it, and the bullpup conversion just completes it better than the stock furniture does. I can’t wait to see these in use.

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