Glock 19 MOS Almost Review

Why an “Almost Review”? Well, because everybody who has a gun website, YouTube channel, or subscriber based smoke signal has reviewed the G19 at some point. There isn’t much I could say that hasn’t been said before. The reason I’m writing about it, is because love it or hate it, the G19 is the gold standard against which other carry guns are measured. And also because mine is special.

Yes, special. One day a couple months ago, I decided that in our little den of XD and HK fans here at NBO, we had no Glocks being represented, and I happen to love the Glock pistol. So I was going to buy one. For the past three decades, Glock has pretty much been a one color, no frills gun with a huge following. The reason for that following of course is that Glock makes a 500$ gun that is durable, reliable, and just plain works. Being one of the all time best selling firearms the world has ever seen, means you don’t have to make it in fashion colors to sell.

Glock 19 MOS Alien Gear Cloak 2
See, it’s black. Sheathed in AlienGear.

Glock has, in the past couple of years, begun offering models in FDE, OD Green, Grey, and Battlefield Green. I weighted these options carefully, because not every color is available on every model. I was at one of my favorite online gun shops,, and while they had many choices available, I stopped and realized my decision had been made for me. The G19MOS model, comes ready to mount an optic, and they had it for 650$.

What makes this such a quick choice for me, is that I can add a wide variety of optics, without having the slide cut for a specific optic. I can change it out with any optic that uses any of the 4 mounting systems the gun came equipped with adapters for. In this case, I’m using a JPoint Circle Dot. But, when you consider the huge aftermarket Glock has, the MOS model is the most versatile, upgrade-able handgun out there. It is a perfect test platform.

Glock 19 MOS with mounted JPoint Circle Dot MRDS
The JPoint Circle Dot. It has the same width as the slide. Review coming soon.

The MOS series was first introduced last year on the long slide, competition guns. It made perfect sense there, as many competitors were doing it anyway. There are even companies that make pre-cut slides for every optic you can find. This year, Glock added the 17 and 19 to the MOS lineup. It turns out that having an MRDS (Micro Red Dot Sight) mounted to your every day carry or nightstand gun is just as handy as on a competition gun.

The key benefit here, is speed. With iron sights, you have to find them, align them, and then shoot. This can be tricky under stress. With the MRDS, all you have to do is hold the gun correctly, and the dot appears before you. At 3:00am, half asleep, finding that dot is a lot easier than finding sights.

Glock 19 MS JPoint Circle Dot
Photo does no justice at all, this thing pops out clear and bright. It even has a little notch to let you use the irons. Like some kind of savage.

What happens when the battery dies? Well, it doesn’t. Ok, maybe someday it will, but I have a couple dozen spares. I’ll get into that more in the JPoint review later. Should I be lax and let the battery die, in daylight the Glock factory sights work just fine. Our friends over at XS Sights have sent me a little something to cure the worry of night use. You’ll see those later on as well.

The MOS is also perfect, in my opinion, for duty pistols. The G19 and G17 already see service with agencies around the world, so this change would be a small one. The MRDS sighting system is extremely intuitive, and takes almost no effort to learn and adjust. This is a major step forward for a lot of agencies, because of something I have heard time and time again from cops, soldiers, and people who have had to use a handgun defensively. They don’t use the sights. That stress filled moment takes that control away from them. Or worse yet, they try to use the sights, and miss.

Now, this isn’t to say anything bad about our LEO community. Many of them do not shoot daily, and do not compete. I know a few who even hate to carry a gun on duty, but do so because it is needed. Using a red dot means simplified target and sight acquisition. This means more control in a stressful situation. And that, means less bullets in the air addressed to nobody in particular. That is a wonderful reason for police and Sheriff’s departments to upgrade.

Glock 19 MOS JPoint Circle Dot
Can you guess what the machine in the background is?

The MOS is only available in the Gen4. Some folks like me love it, others hate it. Mine has a couple of internal upgrades. Well, or downgrades, depending on how you see things. I love the texture of the frame on the Gen4, but the trigger is a touch heavier, and gets gritty. this is due to an added bump on the trigger bar that keeps it aligned with the striker stop safety plunger. I don’t feel it is needed. Another thing I didn’t like was the trigger shoe. the G19 comes with a shoe that has ridges or grooves. But it is a very simple thing to fix.

I put in a Gen3 Trigger assembly for a G17. Lighter, smoother, cleaner, and the trigger shoe I prefer. And it only cost me about 13$. I also added a 3.5 connector, but it made the trigger a touch too light for my taste, so it came back out. I may be trying it again with the NY1 trigger spring, as I have heard good things about this set up.

I also have a couple more upgrades to try out. They arrived just thirty minutes ago, from CruxOrd. Over the next couple of weeks, come back and see what else I am doing to this wonderful gun.

Glock19MOS JPoint Circle Dot
More to come. Much, much more.

If you are interested in getting this, or any Glock pistol, please visit or call Glockmeister. They have locations in Phoenix and Mesa, Arizona. Talk to a guy named Shawn. It won’t get you a discount or anything, but tell him I said he spells his name wrong.

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