Freedom Munitions Hush .40S&W: Holy Crap That’s Quiet

At Industry Day, one of the companies we made sure to visit was Kel-Tec. And we’ll get to what Kel-Tec had soon enough, but what struck me the most at their booth on the 16th, was the ammo I was firing out of the Sub2K. And I wanted to share this with you, because it falls into the realm of hearing protection.

Freedom Munitions makes, and re-manufactures ammo out in Lewsiton, Idaho. I’ve bought their ammo many times, usually to test function in guns, because I know the ammo. It does no good to test guns with random, whatever Wal-Mart has on sale ammo, because you have no base line. For me, my base lines are Armscor USA and Freedom Munitions. And I had been hesitant to buy the Hush line from Freedom Munitions, as it costs more. I’m a value guy.

But, I’m a safety guy first. I have hearing loss and hearing damage on top of it. “EEEEEEEeeeeeeeEEEEEEEEE” is what I’m saying here. That’s where Hush Ammo comes in. It is quieter. I thought they were just making claims to be perfectly honest. After all, ALL ammo is quieter when shot through a can. Then I shot the 200 Grain HUSH 40 S&W through an non-suppressed Sub2K. That’s a rifle, folks. And a 16 inch barrel adds velocity, to an already pretty quick pistol round. This setup is pretty much pushing the limit of “subsonic”. I fired one shot, then stopped.

I asked the RO to pause the bay for a moment, as I yanked my plugs out. (Don’t do that.) I then fired the other four rounds slowly. Listening to each one hit targets or dirt downrange. The HUSH rounds sounded like suppressed rounds, without the suppressor. Let that sink in. From a rifle, these pistol rounds already sound like they were shot through a can. It really is amazing.

With the potential passage of the Hearing Protection Act soon, more people may be embracing the ways of Maxim. When you combine an already quiet round with a silencer, you have the best possible indoor defensive combination. Put it together on a reliable handgun, or better yet, a PDW, and not only do you have a fun sporting gun and defensive weapon, but one that is safe to use without worry about damaging your hearing.

(Kel-Tec’s Sub2K is a fun weapon that I do not own. Freedom Munitions did not pay for this little plug. I was gobsmacked by the minimal sound of the HUSH ammo, and wanted to share it with everybody.)

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