Football Season! Yippee…. woohoo…

I’m not going to speak for everybody here at NBO. Just me. It’s not that I hate football at all. It’s more that I simply don’t care. It may have something to do with me weighing about 84 pounds in junior high and not really enjoying the game growing up. I enjoy some aspects of it, just not the game itself. My favorite team is the Washington Sentinels.

I watch a lot of gun videos on YouTube. This means I watch a lot of good videos, and a lot of bad videos. And this guy, well, I lumped him into the bad pile. It isn’t that he’s unlikable or anything, he just does unsafe things. Like shooting spray paint cans from two yards with no eyepro on. Okay, I take that back, he was wearing eyepro. It was on his shirt.  He has gotten better about safety in his newer videos, however. So he may be getting switched to the other pile.

I hope the rest of you enjoy football season, and I hope all of your teams lose.

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