Dry Fire Friday with Rob Leatham and Springfield Armory

Something I harp on everybody about, is the importance of dry fire practice. I have always held that the first shot is the most important shot, no matter how many are fired. this goes for hunting, self or home defense, anything. If that first shot is accurate and well placed, it will be effective. You don’t get effective first shots when you don’t practice. Since most people can’t make it to the range as often as they need or like, they need to have dry fire practice options available, and to that end, Springfield Armory has come up with something great.

Dry Fire Friday. I’ve met Rob Leatham, shook his hand, and watched him give instruction. I have also seen him shoot. A lot. This is going to be something good, folks.

Watch the video, enjoy Rob’s soothing, almost grandfatherly voice and patient instruction.  And then click over to Springfield’s blog about it.

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