Crux Ordnance Glock Mag Release

In an effort to be a little more welcoming of changes, and modifications, I have purchased and am modding, slowly, a Glock19MOS. While I am happy with a stock glock, there wouldn’t be such a huge aftermarket if improvements were not possible. In the previous article, I went over the basics of the gun, and the first addition, a JPoint. Today, I’m going to share the first actual internal mod, where I introduce non-glock parts. In this case, a CruxOrd mag release.

Now, it may not seem like much at first, but everybody familiar with the Glock pistol, knows that the mag release is a square, straight push button. Some folks find it fine, I was one of those. But, I got a little package in the mail last week that changed my mind. It seems a running theme here lately. I’m opening my mind a lot. In the package, were two upgrade parts. one of them, was a mag release.

Now, to be clear, CruxOrd sent me the parts for review. They did so at no charge to me, and with the understanding that if I hate the product, it still gets reviewed. No strings on either end here. And they only provided the parts, no money or anything. If I like the product, I’m happy. If I hate the product, I’m going to load it into a 12 gauge shell and see if it has other uses. In this case, I am happy.

CruxOrd Glock Mag Release

The mag release is one solid piece of machined aluminum. I’m not certain if they start as an extruded blank or not, but this is a low stress part, so aluminum is more than sturdy enough to last forever. I’m normally not too picky about location of manufacture, but I know a lot of people are, so if you are, yes, they are made here in the U.S.A. And they are a top notch product. The finish is nice, smooth and, well, finished. I’ve handled some other mag releases that were little more than spray paint over rough machining. CruxOrd takes care to make certain that the parts are completely de-burred before final finishing. This is a crucial step for a part like a mag release, where a burr or edge can pretty much cripple your shooting hand. Now, the part does have very obvious company markings, but they are totally hidden after installation.

Which, by the way, was dead simple. Swapping the mag release on a glock, is as simple as pulling a spring bar, sliding the OEM mag release out, sliding the new one in, and snapping the spring bar back in place. The tricky part is getting the bar out to begin with.  So I’ll add a video I found on YouTube showing the how and where.

It’s a pretty simple part swap that can be done with a punch, screwdriver, or even a Glock Tool. I actually used one of those claw picks for cleaning walnut hulls. It was handy. The first time you swap a mag release in a Glock, it can take a while to find the right squeeze and tension to get it out, but once you find it, the whole process takes about two minutes.

One of the selling points of the CruxOrd release, is that unlike a Glock OEM release, the CruxOrd release can be engaged from any direction. I found this a little hard to buy at first, because it’s just an extended mag release with a rounded button. But the difference it makes in use was pretty shocking. I am accustomed to that little thumb reach to work the release in a straight, in and out way. With the CruxOrd release, I can push the button forward, pull backwards on it, drag my thumb down across it, roll my thumb up into it. And it works. It really works, it gives a clean, positive release.

CruxOrd Glock Mag Release 2

It will not, however, cause unintended release. It is an extended release, but it doesn’t come out far enough to make accidental mag drops happen. The little spring bar that holds it in place is the same as holds the OEM part in place, and is strong enough to prevent accidents. Shooters with shorter thumbs or smaller hands can really benefit from this, because it allows more options than the standard reach to push. And compared to the standard Glock mag release, it’s just more comfortable.

There is one little thing I do not like. If you look at the first image above, just above the mag release you’ll see that the gap that is always there, is just a touch bigger. But, given the benefits, I’d say that is a quibble and not an actual issue.

CruxOrd Glock Mag Release 4

If you’d like to get one for your Glock, head over to CruxOrd’s online shop. Right now, they run about 25$, and in my estimation, are a very worthwhile upgrade.

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