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Sean has been shooting since he was a kid. He grew up mainly in California, an Air Force Brat who was in the garage at the reloading bench, or at the range with his father, taking care to collect the brass every time the RO called “Cold”. Since his childhood, he has traveled around the country, lived in large cities, small towns, and everywhere in between. Settled in Georgia, he has a family, a couple of dogs, and an old fashioned southern wife.

In recent years, Sean decided to put his love of guns with his freelance writing. Naturally, he got sick of writing for others with no credit, and entered the guns and gear writing world himself. Soon after, he found a few like-minded souls to come along with him.

AleciaBioAlecia is the resident ‘enthusiast in training’. She was raised on the east coast between two sides of family. One side won’t speak of guns and the other side gave limited exposure to firearms outside of saying it’s deer season and this is how we get rid of the damn field gophers. Alecia always had an interest in learning how to shoot but no opportunity. Now living in Texas where opportunities abound, she’s looking forward to learning proper handling, care, and techniques. She wants to share her learning experiences and opinions to help females, and beginners in general, realize everyone has to start somewhere and there’s no reason to be embarrassed to ask questions.

Alecia is a mom who believes strongly in teaching common sense and responsibility in all facets of life. When she’s not running a home daycare, she enjoys salsa dancing, creating music, and getting lost in the woods, and traveling around the U.S. So far her favorite state to get lost in is Colorado, although the Sedona area of Arizona is a close second.


charlespic01Charles lives in the northern immediate suburbs of Atlanta with benefits and challenges that suburban living brings. An intermediate shooter with no formal training… not a firearms professional or expert by any means, just an ordinary guy. He is a husband and father who got into shooting and the shooting sports after the birth of his daughter. Starting with self defense and home protection in mind, Charles bought his (and his wife’s) first guns, and learned how to use them. His interest eventually expanded into the competitive area where he values his time and experience with accomplished shooters. He is constantly driven to improve his existing skills and learn new ones.

He also spends a great deal of time reading about other facets of the shooting world, various technologies, reloading, repairing, and of course, keeping up with the federal and state laws. In his downtime, he often just sits down to clean his guns whether they need it or not, or as an avid DIYer he can often be found tinkering (Building, disassembling, reassembling them).

Being a father, safety is always the top priority when it comes to carrying, training, cleaning, storage and keeping the family aware and educated at an age appropriate level.