100 Pulls Every Night: Laser-Ammo Update

My father taught me a lot about guns. I didn’t listen much at the time, I was a kid after all. The past few years have brought many of those lessons back. Knocking off the rust and shooting more has made me look back, made me remember my father’s hands and words guiding me. When he bought a new gun, he would spend weeks dry firing it. He was learning the trigger. Every click, every pull, every bit of grit. My father was a better shot than I will ever be, and this was part of his ritual. And so it has become a part of mine. I just have a few tools that may help me more than dropping the hammer on a dummy round while watching westerns.

This is the Sure-Strike Laser Module and LaserPET target, from Laser-Ammo.com. They sent it to me as a sample to review, and I did the review. But I am so happy with the results, I have kept using it.

It also came with a little tripod, but my six year old destroyed it.

It’s been over a year now, and I have replaced the batteries a couple of times, and the back cap on the 9mm round twice. This cost me a grand total of 50$. Now, in the course of the past 365 days that is 36,500 simulated rounds. And the laser module is still going strong. I’ve used it in my Glock 19, as I am today. I’ve also used it in the Glock43, Mossberg 12 gauge, Sig P228, several 1911s and pretty much anything else that comes my way. I have found it to be a very valuable tool. But I still stand by my original reason for loving it.

Making the first shot count.

Yes, the first shot. That first shot is the best chance you are going to get. It doesn’t matter if you are hunting, or shooting in self-defense. Putting that first round on target quickly and effectively is what will determine the outcome. More than caliber. More than capacity. More than choice of ammo. Because that bullet has got to reach its destination as quickly and accurately as possible. If you miss that first shot, there’s every chance you will not get a second one.

Don’t get me wrong, I also believe in a follow-up shot if needed. But I don’t want, ever, to rely on multiple shots maybe getting the job done. If the unthinkable happens and I have to pull that trigger on a person, I want to pull it as little as possible. Every time you pull that trigger, you, and only you, are responsible for the bullet in the air. If you miss, you’re still responsible.

This particular setup is perfect for practicing the first shot. Today, I’m shooting at the star on my Christmas tree, but when using the laserPET, LASR software, or even just random household targets, such as light bulbs or doorknobs, it works well. I do have a resetting striker setup for the Glock, but I find that having to rack the slide every shot enforces my idea of making the first shot matter. Follow up shots and long strings of fire are great fun and all, but the element that is missing is recoil. I pull the trigger and the slide doesn’t move. No bang, no motion, just a little red light.

Now, I’m well past recoil anticipation and flinching. I know when I pull the trigger the first time, that bullet is going to go where I aimed it. But a second shot without recoil is an unrealistic expectation. While I do practice followup shots when shooting live ammo, for dry fire, I prefer to focus on making that first shot.

The ding in the primer button is very well earned.

As I said earlier, I put in trigger practice every night. And I use the Laser-Ammo SureStrike every night, if I can. You don’t have to use a laser to dry fire, but it adds another dimension, a useful dimension, to your practice.

Now, go buy your own at Laser-Ammo.com.

They aren’t paying me to say that. I get no kickbacks. They did give me the products in exchange for a fair review, which I did over at TTAG last year. This update was not part of the deal. That is how much I love their products, and the value I place on them. You will not regret spending your money with them.

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