Things are changing at NBO.

Hi Folks.

The past months have been… well, slow is an understatement.

Coming in September NBO is changing course a bit. The blog will still be here, but a blog full of reviews and impressions just helps us blend into the rest of the pile of blogs full of reviews and impressions. I have no intention of giving up spouting out my opinion on things, as it is something I truly miss. It simply won’t be all we do.

In addition, we will be looking into more paths in the outdoor world. We started as a gun blog, and the guns aren’t going anywhere. But, here’s the thing. We learned a lot at SHOT this year. When you look at SHOT from a single aspect, guns, you do a disservice to the rest of the folks there. Some of our best interactions were with gun companies. Rock Island Armory and Hudson in particular. But we also had great interactions with Vanquest, who make bags for every purpose indoors and outdoors. Giants in the flashlight world and GPS, all the way down to little mom and pop companies, selling their dreams from a kitchen table. And that is what struck me and the others. There is so much more.

What is coming is a wider view, and a different way to look at our little part of this industry.